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Political Science
Cheryl Boudreau

Pol Final ReviewShort Answer Questions1 Why do members of Congress worry about reelection when incumbents are so consistently successful at winning another term Why do incumbents work so hard to appear invulnerableAlthough incumbents often win by a large margin their greatest threat to their position in Congress is high quality opposing candidates Therefore by appearing invulnerable they discourage high quality opponents from running against them Since high quality candidates have large opportunity costs for running incumbents want to make it appear as costly as possible to run against them 2 Why does the House have stricter rules and greater leadership control than does the Senate How do these differences affect the daytoday operation of the chambersAs a result of having significantly more members in the House more delegation coordination problems conformity costs and transaction costs are in place Committee systems have been applied to help reduce these challenges The difference in term length of members between the House and Senate also affect their position in congress since districts are more homogenous than states they are more likely to maintain support for a member of the House3 What constraints are placed on states when they draw districts for congressional elections How can parties give their members an advantage through districtingDistricts are required to have equal populations may not dilute minority representation but also may not be drawn with race as the predominant consideration When one party controls the legislature and the governship it may attempt to draw lines to favor its own candidates called gerrymanderi
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