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Exam 1 Study Guide PSC 1 Sec 2Winter 2014Below are terms and concepts you should be familiar with for the rst midterm These terms and concepts come from Chapters 15 both lectures and the textbookNOTEMemorizing denitions of the terms will not be enoughyou should understand how the terminology applies to processes or mechanisms presented in lecture and the book The exam is not limited to what is in this guideChapter 1The Science of PsychologyTerminologyadaptationsbehaviorismcognitive approachempiricismextirpationgestalt approachintrospectionnatural selectionphrenologythe human genometabula rasazeitgeistConceptsWhat are the two debates at the core of psychological historyWhat is the primary question each of these debates addressesWhat are the 3 philosophical inuences on the eld of psychology discussed in classWhat is the primary view of each of these inuencesWhat are the main differences between primary and secondary qualities of sensationWhat contributions did Franz Gall Pierre Flourens and Paul Broca make in studying the physiological aspects of behaviorWhat are the basic views of StructuralismFunctionalismWhat were the goals of introspectionThe disadvantagesWhat are some of the principles behind the Gestalt laws of organizationWhat was one of the primary inuences for the development of social psychologyHow does ones culture inuence their thought and behaviorExplain the difference between psychodynamic theory and psychoanalysisWhat are some of the factors that inuenced the cognitive revolution1
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