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Psych Study Guide 3Chapter 11111 What are the effects of exercise on the brain cognition and healthExercise exerts positive influences on physical health by improving cardiovascular functioning and controlling metabolism and weight It enhances cognition and memory by increasing neurotransmitter activity in systems associated with reward emotion and motivation it also enhances mood and encourages positive stress coping behaviors112 How does the biopsychosocial model explain the effects of various components on health and illnessThe biopsychosocial model is a model of health that integrates the effects of biological and social factors on health and illness views health and illness as a combination of biological factors genotype psychological factors lifestyle behavioral and social factors social support cultural influences113 What criteria must be met in order for the placebo effect to occurA placebo is a drug or treatment that has no apparent physiological affect on the health condition for which it is prescribed The placebo effect is the improvement in a health condition following treatment with a placebo In order for the placebo effect to occur the placebo must physically match the actual drug it is mimicking the person must not know that they are being treated with a placebo and they must believe it will work114 What are gender differences with respect to stress physiologyDuring stressful times females tend to form social alliances and care for offspring TendandBefriend Response On the other hand males tend to participate in the FightorFlight Response during stressful situations this response refers to the physiological preparedness to deal with danger115 What steps does the HPA axis go through in response to a stressorThe HypothalamicPituitaryAdrenal HPA axis is the biological system responsible for the stress responses The steps of the HPA hypothalamus sends message to the pituitary gland the pituitary gland then secretes a hormone that travels through the bloodstream to the adrenal glands the adrenal glands then secrete cortisol increases glucose in bloodstream release NE and epinephrine increases blood pressure heart rate and other sympathetic responses116 What are the differences between emotionfocused and problemfocused coping mechanismsEmotionfocused coping mechanisms seek to avoid an emotional response to the stressor participate in avoidant or distraction behaviors and often used when a stressor is seen as uncontrollable or stress levels are very high Problemfocused coping mechanisms take steps to directly confront and solve the problem and is often used when a stressor is seen as controllable or stress levels are moderate117 What does it mean to be obese and what factors contribute to obesityObesity is defined as being 20 over your ideal body weight Genetics determine whether we can become obese according to our biological histories environment determines whether we will become obese according to lifestyle and availability118 What are the differences between the various eating disordersAnorexia Nervosa is characterized by an excessive and unwarranted fear of becoming fat leading to refusal to eat associated with an inappropriate appraisal of ones body weight and shape race and class are no longer seen as defining characteristics and leads to many serious health problems including loss of bone density and in extreme cases deathBulimia Nervosa is characterized by cycles of dieting bingeeating and purging following an eating binge there is excessive worry about body weight and the individual then engages in one or more compensatory behaviors and associated with serious health problems such as cardiac disorders and dental diseases rarely fatalRetrained eating occurs in chronic dieters who are prone to excessive eating in certain situations may
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