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University Writing Program
UWP 001
Melissa Wells

FinalExamInstructionsTuesdayDecember10330530pm2103SCCnextdoorTaskYou will respond to five questions that test your knowledge of this courses five major learning areas audience and purpose data collection and evidence prose conventions collaboration and metacognitionYou will respond to each question in paragraph formYou are expected to revise and proofread your responses carefully although you will be primarily evaluated on the content of your responses and on your understanding of the course concepts You will have the whole final exam period 2 hours to take this examResponses are due in SmartSite Assignments by the end of the exam period PurposeandAudienceThe purpose of this assignment is for you to develop a deeper understanding of the courses key terms and concepts to practice writing under timed pressure and to demonstrate your ability to meet the course outcomes as outlined on the course syllabus Your instructor is the audience for your responses LengthEach response should be between 200250 words bringing your final exam to a total of 10001500 words EvaluationThis assignment is worth 10 of your final course grade Each question will be wort
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