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Midterm Essay Questions: 1. In what sense were the "scientific racists" of the 1800s simply re-iterating older European ideologies of European racial superiority through the new lens of "science?" How were these "scientific" claims used to justify European colonialism? In what did Sara Baartman demonstrate this?  Scientific racism is that one race may be inferior to another, and power and inequality are results of biological evolution.  They were used to justify European colonialism by trying to show that Europeans were of higher and normal standard.  Sara Baartman demonstrated this because they thought she was different and lower standards. 2. Why was Evans-Pritchard actually sent to conduct research among the Nuer? What sort of a society did the Nuer have and how were they able to function so well without political leaders or a centralized government?  Evans-Pritchard was sent out by the government to do research on the Nuer. The Nuer had a society where there were no leaders or government. He was sent out there because the government didn’t understand them to control them.  Order is maintained through the kinship system. 3. What sort of relationship exists between political power and charisma in feudal (traditional domination) societies according to Weber? How does someone gain charisma? What sort of relationship existed between a lord and his vassals in standische patrimonialism? Why did Louis XIV perform carefully choreographed dances in front of his royal court for many years, and how would this be related to charisma and political power? (Why was his dancing not mere entertainment or personal pleasure?) How did charismatic prophets help bring
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