ANTHRO 169 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Human Genome Project, Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, Smallpox

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Anthro 169 race & gender in laam midterm terms. +has become a social reality rank people. ~races has social reality that can reflect living standards and customs. ~one drop of black blood means you are characterized as black. ~set out to map the whole genetic sequence of the human. +dna encode protein protein read off & give feature. ~concept of race has no correlation to genes. ~society believe physical trait related to genes type of race related to genes. +physical visible differences have no importance in thousands of genes. +more likely to have more similar genes with somewhere else in own group. +too much uv = break down folate/folic acid. +darker skin absorb less light and prevent uv radiation. +no correlation to ancestry (only go back a few generations) ~function: sweat glands increase, losing body hair = cool the body. ~vitamin d help calcium to build bones. ~skin pigmentation developed as balance of the body.

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