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ART HIS 42C Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Hikaru Genji, Acala, Western Esotericism

Art History
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Douglas Winther
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Art of Japan (ART HISTORY 42C) Study Guide 2
Heian Period (794-1185)
Esotericism: religion that is profound, complicated, and secretive
- Holds sacred power
- Dangerous if used by those uninitiated
- Monks use fire in this religion to suggest purification
Fudo Myoo: one of the most prominent esoteric deities
- Known as the wisdom king
- Fierce and wrathful deity
Two World Mandala: two large scrolls
- One represents the Diamond World and one represents the Womb World
- Each circle on the scroll represents a deity
Diamond World: shiny, white shapes similar to diamonds
Womb World: rich, nurturing colors that represent the womb (such as reds)
Dainichi: most powerful deity
Vajra: weapon won in battle
- Used as a ritual object to symbolize the properties of a diamond
- Powerful and energetic object
- Ball-shaped top (spherical head)
Fudo Myoo iconography:
- Lotus blossom on top of his head
- Carries a sword to overcome obstacles and a lasso to capture those against
- Has an angry facial expression
Sculptural mandala in Toji lecture hall (located in Kyoto)
- 5 Buddhas in the center (highest power)
- 5 Bodhisattvas (warm, welcoming, less powerful than Buddhas)
- 5 Wisdom Kings (Fudo Myoo is one)
- 6 devas (lowest ranking)
Amidism: the belief fin Amida
Amida: one of the most important Buddhas in Amidism
- He was the way to achieve salvation in the dark period of Mappo
o Mappo: means end of the law
Theory that history is divided into 3 periods and during this period, there
was corruption and suffering
- He is associated with the Wester Paradise also kow as The Pure Lad
Phoenix Hall:
- Represents the Western Paradise
- Has beautiful ponds, sculptures
- A very symmetrical building
- Jo cho perfected a sculpture of Amida in the Phoenix Hall using the piece-block method
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