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ART 9B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Religulous, Brexit, Takers

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David Trend
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Art 9b Midterm
25 multiple choice questions
The beall center is an art gallery.
Makers and takers lecture 2 :
2. Video Rana foroohar make sure we are aware of this. Economic argues Americas
economic problems. Talks about brexit ( UK). Author of book makers and takers.
3. wealth of nations, make sure we recognize that the critiques of capitalism began
in the industrial era, and they were critiqued, marxism.
5. Consumer and society, one of the most important things to remember is
Advertising works is it takes our desires and substitutes products for them. Ads
substitute for desire is important
6. Thinking and Buying . Balanced perspective, we only think we’re free to buy what
we want Remember the first 2 things.
True believers
1. true believers most people in America still identify as Christian and that lies
behind a lot of the politics that we hear.
3. Remember we watches religulous by bill maher and he is driving around in a
car a lot of the time. Showed to show the skeptic view of releigion
5cultural wars. Cultural wars. Two schools of thought, Orthodox world
(timeless, abstract, universal), and Progressive world (changing, concrete,
7divided America, talked about disagreements, Thomas Jefferson
disagreement and argument are what make a democracy healthy
8in general terms people forget that we have been disagreeing through the
1700 and 1800s and 1900s, disagreeing is not a bad thing and is a big part of
what democracy is about.
Try to remember that video Edward said. Video spoke about how tensions
emerge between western culture and the rest of the world. Specifically talked
about how the western culture depicted.
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