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BIO SCI 93 Study Guide - Final Guide: Sodium Channel, Ribose, Scantron CorporationExam

Biological Sciences
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Section C
BioSci 93
Final Exam
Dec 19th, 2014
1. Ensure that you are sitting at your assigned seat.
2. Record your Name, Student ID # and Seat # on each page of the exam
booklet. Keep your student ID out and visible. We will be checking during
the exam.
3. For multiple choice questions, only use pencils.
Bubble AND write in your student ID # on the scantron card.
Acts of dishonesty during the examination will result in disqualification (score of 0
points) and a permanent letter added to your university transcript file.

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1. Which'of'the'following'would'be'consistent'with'Chargaff’s'rules:'
a) A=30%,'G=20%,'T=30%,'C=20%'
b) A=30%,'G=30%,'T=20%,'C=20%'
c) A=20%,'G=20%,'T=30%,'C=30%'
d) A=20%,'G=20%,'T=30%,'C=30%'
2. Chromatin'is'a'composed'of:'
a) DNA'and'ribose'sugars'
b) Proteins'and'nitrogenous'bases'
c) DNA'and'protein'
d) Ribose'sugars,'nitrogenous'bases'and'proteins'
e) DNA'and'glucose'polymers'
3. How would the nucleotide sequence of the enhancer for the voltage gated sodium channel
gene in a neuron cell compare with that in a liver cell?
a) Different, due to different genetic code
b) Similar, but not identical, because they are different cell types
c) Similar, because of identical genetic code
d) Identical
4. At a specific area of a chromosome, the sequence of nucleotides below is present where
the chain opens to form a replication fork:
3' C C T A G G C T G C A A T C C 5'
An RNA primer is formed starting at the underlined T (T) of the template. Which of the
following represents the primer sequence?
a) 5' G C C T A G G 3'
b) 3' G C C T A G G 5'
c) 5' A C G T T A G G 3'
d) 5' A C G U U A G G 3'
e) 5' G C C U A G G 3'
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