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Biological Sciences
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Bio 93 Problem Set 3 – Unit IV: Dividing the Cell Due Wed. Nov. 6 at 5 pm, upload as a pdf. 1. You are culturing a human leukemia cell line as a part of your undergraduate research project. You count the cells in your flask at 8 am each morning when you get to lab and record the data in your notebook. On Monday, you had 10 million cells in your flask and on Tuesday you have 20 million cells. Your supervisor wants to know how long it takes this cell line to go through mitosis. Do you have enough information to answer this question? Explain. Yes, you do have enough information. It takes one day for the cell to go through mitosis. This is because the number doubled meaning each of the 10 million original cells created daughter cells, thus creating 20 million cells. 2. You have engineered a cell line to express a version of tubulin that is fused to green fluorescent protein (GFP). Using a fluorescence microscope, you can see only the microtubules in each cell glowing on a black background. Draw what the microtubules would look like in one of these cells in the following cell cycle stages (a cell outline is provided but would not be visible under the microscope): Interphase metaphase mid-anaphase 3. The DNA content of a cell can be measured using a dye called DAP
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