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Biological Sciences
Rahul Warrior

1 Temperature profiles graphs vs water depth are 9 A typical high elevation clear mountain lake could e 5 3 and 2 4independent of and dissimilar to those of dissolved be described asoxygen ina oligotrophic and autotrophic18 From the following selection indicate which better a oligotrophic lakesb oligotrophic and heterotrophiccharacterizes a reservoir than a natural lakeb headwater streamsc eutrophic and autotrophic1 circular drainage basinc eutrophic lakesd eutrophic and heterotrophic2 astatic shoreline developmentd midreach riverse allochthonous and heterotrophic3 short variable flushing ratee reservoirs4 low sediment loading10 A species census from a river reveals the following 5 inflow through many small tributaries2 Which three descriptors best characterize a eutrophic animals small amounts of phytoplankton 2 clams a fewand an oligotrophic lake predatory aquatic insects and a catfish Water conditions Choose fromCharacteristicsare listed as warm murky and turbid From which part of a 1 2 31 mostly rifflethe river was this sample takenb 5 4 32 total dissolved solids lowa headwatersc 2 1 43 coldb midreachesd 5 4 1 4 point bars abundantc large river settinge 2 35 sparse coarse sedimentsd a reach with a steep Vshaped valley 6 dissolved oxygen low only present near the surfacee tailwater19 Snake River salmon must migrate over how many 7 never develops a thermoclinedams to reach their spawning grounds and how many of 8 total dissolved solids high11 Autochthanous energy is produced by these are being considered for removal9 sediments deep muddya the photosynthetic and chemosynthetic organisms e 8 existing dams 4 proposed to be removedthat fix carbon Select form these choicesb dissolved organic matter20 Oxbow lakes are the remnants ofa 1 4 6 and 2 5 7c coarse and fine particulate organic mattera freshwater marshesb 2 6 7 and 8 4 9 nod detritusb loworder headwater streamsc 3 4 9 and 3 8 2 noe predatorsc channelized streamsd 4 7 8 and 1 7 9 nod meanders in the rivers coursee 6 8 9 and 2 3 512 The compensation point in the wter column of a e impoundmentslake is the point at which 3 Which of the following are characteristic of a a University employee gets paid21 Arrange the following hbitats in terms of number headwater settingsb the hipolimnion is separated form the epilmnionof anticipated insect species greatest to least Select fromc the litoral zone is separated from the pelagic zone1 headwaters1 oxbow lakesd the thermocline occurs 2 temporary ponds and streams2 meander scarse respiration equals photosynthesis3 marine beach and intertidal3 zone of erosion4 midreach section of a river4 zone of storage and transport of sediments13 Which of the following are problems associated 5 old field terrestrial habitat5 periphytonwith the Black Seaand Lake Victoria6 collectors and predators only1 the introduction of Nile PerchSelect from the following7 shredders and collectors dominant2 the introduction of the comb jellyfisha 1 2 3 4 53 the introduction of the Zebra mussel b 5 4 1 2 3a 1 6 74 the diversion of tributariesc 4 1 5 2 3b 2 3 6 5 the introduction of the New Zealand mudsnaild 5 2 3 4 1c 5 6 4Choose frome 3 2 1 4 5d 3 6 5a 4 2e 3 7b 1 322 According to the video Wild Salmon Forever c 2 3Coho salmon suffer from hbitat loss due to4 based on you text what kind of lake is one that lies in d 3 4 a freeway development a depression caused by flowing watere 2 1b logging of coastal stream watershedsa shoreline lakec channelization of coastal streams b solution basin
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