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Biological Sciences
Shin Lin

Dull achiness when you hit the right point and has a traveling feeling through the meridians A sharp pain should not be exhibited Same body portional measurement to find out where the point is Not actual measurements because everyone is different size Cun 3 cun width of four fingers at second joint of middle finger 8 cun nipple to nipple Meridians are named after major organs Bladder meridian not just for treating bladder problems but they are junction to other organs therefore can be treated to other parts 14 on the left and 14 on right, but 12 majors ones on each side Electroacupuncture: lasting effects on lowering bp Put electrical pulses through the needles Stimulation of enkaphalins at lower freq and dynophins at higher freq 100Hz Laser acupunctures for arthiritic knee or inflammation, laser decreases inflammations and cytokines Lower blood sugar levels with acupuncture Transcutaneous acupoint electrical stimulation TAES: reduce sugar levels Ear acupuncture: like inverted fetus hundred of points to treat problems of the whole body No research on er acupuncture Hand acupoints are proportional to the body Feet reflexology from rev. wu german man Fish waist for treating middle of eyebrows S
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