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Douglas Tobias

Homework #2 #1: Bohr’s model of the atom gave the following expression for the Rydberg constan- e me t: RH = 8 ▯ 2ch3 Calculate a numerical value of R in HI units. Include symbolic units in your 0 calculation so that your answer will be given in SI units. 2 kg m (Note: J = s2 ) -19 e = 1.602176 µ 10 C; -31 me= 9.10938 µ 10 kg; -12 2 2 2 ▯0= 8.85410 µ 10 C ë IIIkg * m M ë s M * mM; 8 c = 2.99792458 µ 10 m ê s; h = 6.62608 µ 10 -34IIkg * m M ë s M * s; 4 e * m e RH = 8 * ▯02* c * h3 1.09739 µ 10 7 m #2: Planck’s theory of blackbody radiaiton predicts the following relation between the Stefan- Boltzmann constant, s and the fundamental constants: Boltzmann’s constant, Planck’s con- stant, and the speed of light. Loading the PhysicalConstants and Units packages, Calculate the 4 2p kB value of s using the following formula s = 15c h3 verify that it is the same as the stored in Physi- calConstants package. << Units` $Packages 8Units`, Utilities`URLTools`, QuantityUnits`, WolframAlphaClient`, HTTPClient`, HTTPClient`OAuth`, HTTPClient`CURLInfo`, HTTPClient`CURLLink`, JLink`, DocumentationSearch`, PhysicalConstants`, GetFEKernelInit`, ResourceLocator`, PacletManager`, WebServices`, System`, Global`< << PhysicalConstants` General::obspkg : PhysicalConstants` is now obsolete. The legacy version being loaded may conflict with current Mathematica functionality. See the Compatibility Guide for updating information. StefanConstant 5.6704 µ 10 -8 Watt 4 Kelvin Meter 2 Printed by Wolfram Mathematica Student Edition 2 vprytkov_sclugo_Homework 2.nb k = BoltzmannConst
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