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Cognitive Sciences
Jim K Lee

Practice Questions Functionalism as a theory of mind takes the position that.. a. Evolution serves to provide people with skills and capabilities they need to survive in a competitive and changing world b. Developing taxonomy of stimulus-response contingencies provides an objective basis for a science c. Mental states are identified by the functions they perform mapping information available as input to behavior produced as output One difficulty with the set-theoretic account of human conceptual representation is that a. Concepts can contain continuous- as well as discrete- valued stimuli b. It is almost always difficult to determine the necessary and sufficient features of a concept c. Set theory cannot capture multiple levels of abstraction in a conceptual structure, yet people are able to do this d. Using set theory requires proving axioms, and most people are unable to do this easily Evidence consistent with the prototype theory of concept representation comes from a. Typicality ratings b. Recognition tasks in which prototypes are falsely recognized c. Uncertainty about whether some stimuli belong to a given category d. All of the above The difference between schemata and scripts is that a. Schemata typically represent objects, while scripts represent events b. Schemata store every instance of exemplar belonging to a concept, whereas scripts store only a prototype c. Schemata do not allow for default variables to fill slot, whereas scripts do d. Schemata can be used to represent beliefs, desires and intentions, whereas scripts must represent emotionally neutral stimuli Apperception is best described as a. The “top down” influence of knowledge on the formation of a percept from sense-data b. Maladaptive perception, cause by the limited information processing capacity of sensory channels c. Perception based on serial, rather than parallel, processing d. The ability to perceive sense-data veridically Interpreting
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