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Cognitive Sciences

Language Review 5/3/2012 1:02:00 PM Midterm Review Normally how test questions are laid out. Two answers, and then reasoning 1) 2+3=6  a. yes 6-2=3  b. yes 6-3-3  c. no 2+3=4  d. no 2+3=5 Transitional Probability TP(AB) = P(ABlA) = # of times you saw AB/# of times you saw A Ka/ko/si Ko/li/ja Ja/ko Li/je/vo TP(ko/si) # of times kso/si / # of times ko TP(ja/vo) # of times ja/si / # of times ja TP Minima TP can be though of like a tide Every time the TP is at low tide we put a boundary Example Ja ko ka ko ko li Goal is where the word boundaries go Using Ka/ko/si Ko/li/ja Ja/ko Li/je/vo Ja/ko=0.5 We see ja once and ko twice … ½=0.5 Ko/ka=0/3=0 Ka/ko=1 ko/ko=0 Ko/li=1/3=.333 Therefore Jako kako koli 0.5 0 1 0 .33 Marr’s 3 Levels Any problem can be decomposed into 3 levels Computational level  What’s the problem to be solved? Algorithmic level  What (abstract) set of rules solves the problem? Implementational level  How are those roles physically implemented Example: Computational Level  Abstract Problem: How do we regulate traffic at an intersection?  Goal: Direct lanes of traffic to avoid congestion/accidents. Algorithmic Level  Let lane go whenever X cars are waiting?
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