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COMPSCI 122A Quiz: Assignment 4Exam

Computer Science
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Kenneth Shea
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CS 122A: Introduction to Data Management – Spring 2020
Homework 4: Relational Algebra (100 points)
Due Date:
Mon, May 4 (11:00 PM PDT)
All HW assignments should contain both your student ID and your name and must be submitted online
(e.g., 12345678_John_Doe.pdf) via the HW4 dropbox on Gradescope. See the table below for the HW 4
submission opportunities. Note that after 11 PM on Tuesday the 5th no further HW 4 submissions will be
accepted. (We will be releasing the solution at that time.) Please strive to get all your work in on time! If
possible, try to save the one dropped assignment for the end of the term when you are most likely to
want/need it.
Date / Time
Grade Implications
Monday, May 4 (11:00 PM)
Full credit will be available
Tuesday, May 5 (11:00 PM)
10 points will be deducted
Relational Algebra [100 pts]
Congratulations! has officially launched its business; the web site is up and running and
starting to attract usage. As expected, your database design is working well so far! Now it’s time to
search and analyze the data using the Relational Algebra.
Schema, Data, and Tools is currently using the relations from HW 2. You can refer to the provided solution to
remind yourself of their schemas. You will also be able to see the relations’ schemas in your browser
when you’re using the online relational algebra executor for this assignment. A small sample data set
will be provided for you to use in testing your queries. More information about how to load the schema
and associated sample data and how to enter and run queries – can be found in the RelaX instructions
linked from HW 4’s entry on the course wiki page. You are required to use the online tool for this
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