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Y U Liu

Did you know that my name means that I am bold and fearless? Well let me tell you, this is the complete OPPOSITE of me. For telling you this speech is very, very scary. I am literally shaking right now and my stomach is filled with the feeling of butterflies. My name is Anthony and I was born in 1997 in the USA, of course. My family originated from Vietnam where my mom and dad were married. But the sad part is, my parents weren’t married out of true love, back then, you had to be married or have married parents to leave Vietnam. Soon, my parents were married together so my mom could enjoy a better life in the USA. They only had a couple months before they were officially considered married during their wedding day. As they spent time together, my parents began to fall in a deep love. My mom fell in love with how my father kept trying to earn money for a better future in the USA. He worked day and night, fishing with his bare hands in the morning and working the rice fields at night. On the flip side, my mother always cooked for him and cleaned the house. During the day and evening she would cook and clean and at noon, she would make ice cream and sell it with her mom at the schools. Soon enough, they earned enough money to travel to the United States of America. A year and a half later, I was born in Loma Linda hospital. st nd rd As I grew older I went to Poplar Elementary in Fontana for my Kindergarten, 1 , 2 , 3 , and part of my 4 grade year. When the 2 semester of my 4 grade year approached, my school’s academic ratings dropped tremendously to 3 out of 10. As soon as my parents were notified we th th immediately transferred to Crafton Elementary for my 4 and 5 grade year. After that I went to Moore Middle School all 3 years achieving a straight 4.0 in my 7 grade years and scoring really high on my CSTs. Before moving to Mentone, I lived in Fontana for a long 10 years. The neighborhoods were really terrible, graffiti filled the walls of buildings, crimes raged on, and gangs walked the streets. But like always, there was an upside. My cul-de-sac was filled the world’s most friendly people in the world. Every day, I would drink milk in my baby crib as my neighbors laughed at the silly actions I would perform. Oh wait, let me tell you the TRUTH. I would sit in a baby rocking crib that had been modified for me. My father tied a string that would hold my milk bottle for me to drink since I was too lazy to hold the bottle. More and more people would gather to laugh at how lazy I was. 2 years later, my brother was born and to me at that age, he was the world’s best thing to me. Now, he is the world’s most annoying kid EVER. But we’re focusing on the past so let’s get back on topic. Every minute of my life was literally spent hugging and playing with my brother. We always had fun but since we were still poor, we had to improvise. Halloween was just coming around the corner and my parents couldn’t afford a costume for us so we took a red marker and drew marks on our face. I don’t get it, but th
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