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Y U Liu

Where the Red Fern Grows Summary “Where the Red Fern Grows” is a story about a boy who craves a dog so badly. The boy, Billy, has a desire for two red-bone coon hunting hounds. One day, the boy actually gets a dog. He works long and hard, picking at berries and catching small animals with traps. He finds an ad for two coon hounds by an abandoned fishing area, in the Ozark mountains where he lived. The ad stated that there were two dogs on sale for twenty dollars. Billy bought the dogs, knowing they would soon pay off. The coon dogs were pups at the time Billy got them. Billy took them home from the dog lot. On the way home, the school children called Billy a hillbilly and pulled his dogs ears. Billy fought with a few of the kids to defend his dogs. Then, Billy went home and raised and showed the dogs how to hunt. The dogs hunted and got Billy tons of expensive coon furs. Billy was very happy and he knew his dogs were one of the best hunting pair. He decided to name them “Old Dan,” and “LittleAnn.” The pair of hunting dogs was very courageous. One day Billy decided to go to his Grandpa’s store. When he got there, there were two bad kids named Rubin and Pritchard. Pritchard was a kid that always made bets, and had a bad tongue. Rubin made a bet with Billy that his dogs couldn’t tree a coon named the Ghost Coon. Billy agreed to the bet, and the next day he went to go find the coon. During the coon hunt, Billy found out that the Ghost coon’s trick was he jumped on a tree right above a fencepost and jumps into the hollow fence post. Billy’s dogs catch the coon in a corner, but Billy didn’t have the heart to kill the old coon. He believed that the coon lived here for a long ti
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