GEN&SEX 50B Midterm: Terms for GSS 50b first midterm

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Socialization theory
Assumes that children are passive learners; children are much more active and are eager to learn, also
assumes baby is born as a blank slate
Gender roles critique
No specific gender roles ( instead there are multiple masculinities/ femininities)
The 5 sexes
Medical reconstruction of sex is mediated by our cultural understanding of gender sex: hormones,
chromosomes, external genitalia, internal genitalia, secondary trait,etc.
Gender/sex :contemporary model
Both Gender are sex are social constructs. Babies are not born a blank slate. Sex/gender is not binary.
Sex/gender only exists in relation to other structures of identity ( class, race, sexuality, nationality,
Myths for sex/gender
Gender is cultural, but is sex is really "natural", fixed, and biologically determined. Specific gender roles
for women and men.
Social construct of identities
Identity categories are neither obvious nor logical
Salient categories
Topics that are continuously brought up or thought of
A stroger model of identity the individual exists where all the identities crooss all axes are happining at
once life experiences are where they intersect, cant pick and choose
Normative way to be masculine/feminine any claim to be normal is prescriptive, way things are ought to
be but not the way they are
The additive model of identity
Multiply identity categories at once model is not correct because it ranks the identitities and believes
the characteristics can be separated
Master tools about identity
To exclude others. Difference: defiance , abnormality, and inferiority
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