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Emily Rosenberg

WEEK 1: STUDY GUIDE Overall themes of course: • People (Monday classes) o Who are “Americans?”: Immigration, mobility, race/ethnicity, gender • Money (Wednesday classes) o How have Americans lived?: The changing modes of production and consumption; wealth and poverty • Power (Friday classes) o How have Americans governed?: The growth of federal government; rise of US power in world Specific topics of this week: Introduction to the course Overview of U.S. in early 1900s Reading/Writing assignment for this week: Assignment: Read LEP, Chapt. 20 Section: Introduction to how Sections will be run. Study guide: This provides you with guidance on what you should be learning from the textbook and the lectures. I. IDENTIFICATIONS: (be able to identify each term in a sentence and then provide a few sentences describing its SIGNIFICANCE in terms of the themes of the “overall themes of the course,” given above. These terms and their significance come from both book and lecture. Triangle Shirtwaist Company- It was an important company located in New York City in the early 1900s in which adult and teen females would work long and tedious hours in horrible working conditions for little pay. The Triangle Shirtwaist Company experienced a fire starting from a cigarette, killing nearly 150 workers who were trapped. It called the government to enforce labor policies regulating labor and working conditions. Political machines- Political machines were organizations created by politicians to guarantee their winning in elections through legal and illegal means. Politicians paid the immigrants to vote for them in a certain way. The politicians would win the loyalty of immigrant voters by helping immigrants find jobs and by providing them food, fuel, and clothing. “Combine” farming machine- The combine farming machine was a machine used for farming in the early twentieth century. It significantly increased the food capacity because farmers could grow and market more food. The farmers became more prosperous because the price of food decreased, making more people able to afford it. Wright Brothers (Orville and Wilbur)- The Wright Brothers were two Americans who experimented with flight in North Carolina during the early 1900s. They invented the first flying machine, a glider kite. They were credited with inventing and building the world’s first successful airplane. It began the evolution of air flight, allowing people to fly long distances. “Jim Crow” laws- The Jim Crow laws were a set of laws in the early twentieth century passed by southern states legalizing the separation of blacks and whites for all public facilities. It mandated that there would be no contact between whites and African Americans. It also placed tests and poll taxes denying African Americans the right to vote. If there were any resistance, the person would be punished by the lynch law. The Jim Crow laws was a way for the whites to control racial others. Telephone- The telephone was invented in the early 1900s, but in 1920, it became more accessible for people. It changed how people communicated with others. It allowed people to contact one another quicker than through letters sent in the mail. Indian Boarding Schools- Indian boarding schools were created by the government in the early twentieth century. The government did not want children growing up to be Indians, so they established boarding schools and took children from the reservations to raise them. They ended up losing their Indian language and cultural traditions. The children were refused to have contact with parents and relatives and refused to speak their native language. They were
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