HISTORY 169 Midterm: History 169 key terms study guide

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8 Feb 2017

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History 169 Study Guide
Spanish tried for the indigenous people to work for them. Created by the Spain to control
and regulate American Indian labor and behavior during the colonization of the Americas.
Certificate of Whiteness
Might pay the priest to change the stuff in their baptism paper where it first stated either
you are: republica de los indios, or republica de los espanoles.
Did not base on what you look like, but you level in society : cultural, social markers.
Human sacrifice
In 1946 it was found inside the Bonanpak death bodies.
Indigenous people were morally corruptive because they practiced human sacrifices, this
is important because it shows that they should seem as nature slaves, and that Spain had the
right and obligation to rule over them
He was known as the feathered serpent. Decides that he is gonna create life ( now that
we have sun we need life). He creates humanity; decides now we need food, he does this by
transforming himself into an ant, and gets into a mountain and gets a piece of corn
Loaded out of nowhere, hoping to secure the border. Mexico brings more people into the
border area. In 1821, Mexico decides to sign a contract with Stephen Austin to bring 300
families from Florida to settle in Texas
Under this contract:
Have to become catholic
Not to bring their slaves
It soon became a magnet to US citizens ( because of how cheap land is, 10 cents!!!)
Most of the Americans were from the south; therefore they refuse to give up slaves . This is
important because it led to Texans capturing Santa Ana while he was asleep ( a very corrupt
Agent of the Colonial times in order to stimulate silver production, the crown cut off the
price of Mercury ( mercury was used to process silver)
Political strong man, from personal relationships, not from institutions, but through their
charisma. This term arises between the war of centralists and federalists.
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