HISTORY 40B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Paternalism, Indian Removal Act, Frederick Jackson Turner

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17 Oct 2016

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Euphemism: indian removal act, trail of tears (how we use languages) Assimilation: integrating into the culture you want to become a part of (indian assimilate into white culture, some chose to, some didn"t) Paternalistic: describe andrew jackson"s attitude about native americans (father to a child relationship) how the president deals with a group of citizens. Policy: a protocol and procedure, a way of doing things, what will our policy be about native americans. Resistance: native american resistance (ghost dance was a form of resistance, resisting the fact hat their way of life has been destroyed by the anglo culture, and the dance was a way to revive their way of life) Dispossession: the expulsion of someone from the possession of land by process of law. Republic a state with a representative system of government that does not have an absolute ruler or king.

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