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[HUMAN 1C] - Final Exam Guide - Everything you need to know! (22 pages long)

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There were 6000 men fighting in the army
o 600 coherts
Discipline was the Roman way of fighting
o They were very organized and very disciplined
Sparticus was trained in the Roman army before he was a slave
Three Punic Wars
o The Romans forced the Carthoginians into the war
o Convinced the Senate that Carthage must be destroyed
o Nothing can grow there and completely ruined Carthafe
Wars With Greece
o 1st Macedonian (214-205)
o 2nd Macedonian (200-196)
o 3rd Macedonian (171-168)
o The Roman soldiers had only two weapons a javoline and a sword that created a
greater army that was more efficient and successful
o The areas of space in the Roman Legionary was superior to the Macedonian phalanx
because they could move through land that was not flat
The Roman Soldier
o Early conquest achieved by a non professional non standing army
o The soldiers were part time soldiers, they were mostly farmers
o Individuals were qualified for the Roman military service
Citizenship and owned land
o Later a standing army without qualification when the empire had grown extensivley and
eventually removed the qualification because they needed more soldiers
o Prestige in the Roman soldier
Manlia Imperia
o Consul Titus Manlius Torquatus 340 BCE military commander in war with hs son named
the same
o On patrol, son engaged with a Latin officer who challenged him to single combat'
against orders
He won the duel and killed the guy and took of all is armor after he killed him and
walked into the camp and layed it infront of his father
Titus had his son killed and chopped into pieces because he disobeyed orders and
his death was ordered by his fatehr
o On return to camp father called assembly and issued the Manlia imperia (Manlian
Roman Army camp is part of the puzzle that proves how the Romans were such a
devastating force
When these camps had been set up they pended to take on a permanent
There was a lot of employment that people could get
Area around camps would become permanent cities
Cities now with endings such as Castra or chester was originally an army camp
o Imperium (def)
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