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Political Science

Midterm Review Pol Sci 51A 11 May 2017 I. Political violence a. Violence carried out for political ends i. Ex. Terrorism and revolution ii. State sponsored violence: Civil Wars, Preemptive Wars II. Why engage in political violence a. Grievances b. Lack of political institutions so people cannot voice their concerns c. The flow of ideas can spark political violence like revolution (example democracy: Arab Springs) d. Individual personalities engage in political violence, (like Asahara Shoko, the mastermind behind the deadly biological weapons attack on the Tokyo subway) III. Taking Tilly South a. [general argument] the authors argue that inequality, democracy, and citizenship should be studied together b. Inequality = Not equal c. But the word inequality doesnt really capture the extreme hardships faced by people in developing countries d. Democracy: a system of government in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives e. Citizenship: the state of being vested with rights, privileges, and duties of an equal citizen i. But what does democracy and citizenship mean given such large scale poverty? f. Global south refers to developing countries g. The article uses three case studies from the global south i. India, South Africa, and Brazil h. What is common in these countries? i. All have large mega cities where population are concentrated ii. All are democratic iii. All have large amounts of inequality between rich and poor i. 3 main points the articles raises i. A state can be democratic but does not mean it is equal. In fact, inequality in democratic states is on the rise ii. Even though citizens are equal in terms of rights, they remain very unequal in terms of standards of living 1. Meaning that ability to do certain things (like access to healthcare, good schools, shelter) becomes impossible for certain citizens iii. The nation and the city must play a central role in the analysis of citizenship 1. Here the author argues for the importance of the city in the lives of urban residents
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