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Psychology and Social Behavior
Joanne Zinger

REVIEW SHEET FOR MIDTERM 1Human Sexuality P118DSpring 2014CHAPTER 1SEXUALITY IN PERSPECTIVEIIndependent ReadingASex and Gender pages 23 in the 12th11th editionSex vs gender vs sexual behaviorBThe Media pages 67 in the 12th11th edition1Text authors review the impact of media on sexuality2Three types of media influenceCultivation agendasetting and social learning3Impact of the InternetCThe Sexual Health Perspective page 20 in the 12th11th edition1Sexual health refers to STIs as well as social and political issues related to sexual health across countries 2A new focus on positive sexual health has emerged 3Ideas presented on sexual health and sexual rights offer another area of exploration of sexualityIICultural Perspectives on Sexuality AVariations in Sexual Techniques Kissing inflicting pain frequency of intercourseBMasturbation Attitudes toward masturbation or sexual selfstimulation of the genitals vary widely across culturesCPremarital and Extramarital SexDSex with SameGender Partners universal men more likely than women never the predominate formEStandards of Attractiveness region of the body plump vs thin poor complexionFSocial Class and Ethnic Group Variations in the USCHAPTER 3SEX RESEARCHIIndependent ReadingAMeasuring Sex Pages 4345 in 12th edition 11th edition or olderSee document posted on course website Logistics accuracy selfreports behavioral measures implicit measures and biological measuresBIssues in Sex Research Pages 4550 in 12th edition pages 4146 in 11th edition sampling selfreports testretest reliability interviews questionnaires ethicsCAlfred C Kinsey Page 52 in 12th edition page 48 in 11th edition birth education employment Gall wasp research sex histories in Chicago Kinsey reports Institute for Sex Research death the Institute today biographyththDStudies of Special Populations Pages 5556 in 12 edition page 52 in 11 edition Project SIGMA webbased surveysEMedia Content Analysis Pages 5760 in 12th edition pages 5354 in 11th edition code the content of references to a topic found in a particular medium measures of intercoder reliabilityEQualitative Methods Pages 6061 in 12th edition page 56 in 11th edition Observe within population Charles MosherFExperiments Pages 6162 in 12th edition pages 5758 in 11th edition allows researchers to determine causes effectiveness of interviewing children facetoface vs written questionnaireIIThe Major Sex SurveysAThe Kinsey Report The sample the interviews how accurate were the Kinsey statisticsBThe National HealthSocial Life Survey NHSLS Large scale national survey homosexuality stats controversialIIIMasters and JohnsonThe Physiology of Sexual ResponseASampling 694 participants from the general population more educated than general populationmostly WhiteBData collection Techniques Practice session physical responses of participants were then recordedIVKinsey MovieCHAPTER 4SEXUAL ANATOMYIIndependent ReadingASelfKnowledge Page 71 in the 12th edition pages 6667 in 11th edition Female vs male external genitals overcome obstacle by using a mirror authors recommendationBFemale Genital Cutting Pages 7273 in the 12th edition pages 6667 in the 11th edition Numbers of women who have experienced this forms of genital cutting type 14 risks wedding night consequences of resisting this procedure ethical grey areas points to help put matters in perspectiveCThe Vestibular Bulbs Page 75 in the 12th edition page 70 in the 11th edition Erectile tissue running under the inner lipsDCancer of the Sex Organs Pages 8287 in the 12th edition page 7682 in the 11th edition Breast cancer cancer of the cervix endometrium and ovaries prostate cancer cancers of the penis and testes IIFemale sexual organsAExternal organs Clitoris mons pubis labia hymenBInternal Organs Vagina Skenes gland uterus fallopian tubes ovariesIIIMale Sexual OrgansAExternal Organs Penis scrotum
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