PUBHLTH 1 Final: Public Health Final Review Study Guide

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7 Feb 2017

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Public Health Final Review Study Guide:
Public Health Interventions in Promoting Healthy Behaviors:
Education- to influence healthy behavior-public campaigns
- 1:5 US adults continue to smoke
- eating habits are unclear with mixed results cuz there is a decrease in
heart disease but increase in obesity. WTFFF right??
- Sex education is a big issue bruhh
- And some industries are against health? TF ?
Regulation- laws and policies that are enforceable that limit some of
individual behaviors that could risk their lives
- State v. National Disease screening guidelines
Prohibition- making behaviors illegal and punishable
- Drugs such aas heroine and marijuana is accepted
Most important predictor of health is SES (socioeconomic status): income,
education, and occupation
- Higher SES leads to more health behavior.
- Access and affordability to medical care
Health is affected by: gender, marital status, race and ethnicity
4 Factors that determines they’re facing a threat:
-too saaaaad (vulnerability)
- becoming aware of threats
-trying to take an action
-becoming aware of how to prevent it
find more resources at
find more resources at
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