PUBHLTH 2 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: United States Senate Committee On Finance, Meningococcal Disease, Wine Tasting

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10 Dec 2018

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An advisory committee was formed to establish vermont public health priorities and goals. Imagine that you have been selected to serve on this committee as a student representative. Visit area and talk to parents, schools and the community. The governor of vermont has asked you as health commissioner to advise her on whether the hospitals in the state have enough beds or need more. Be able to answer true/false to the following statements: A sporadic case means a disease that is inherited by genes in the family, but its onset occurs in random generations - false. Although government officials, health care professionals, nonprofit workers, and public health workers can have different opinions, the goal to reduce disease is the most important bond to keep the mission together - true. Testifying in front of the senate finance committee about a bill that would allow wine tasting in convenience stores and its potential negative impact on participants is a public health issue.

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