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29 Nov 2016

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Violence is the language sheet gangs and is used as a tool. The violence we know today has been around the country since before the settlers. The media helps shape the public"s view and understanding of violence. We treat people based on different gender, boy and girl. The music, the cartoon and games: we teach children that violence is interesting, success. People did great job on passing these message to kids. A father beat mother, this is a way to teach that men should treat women like this. People are 18 are not mature, their brain is not completely formed until there are 24, This cycle of violence has become the foundation of settling and maintaining control of people. 20% high school caring weapon to school, cuz they had gun for protection. The modern day cycle of violence is highlighted in 1889, battle of wounded knee. Today we live in some experts called the most violent country in the world.

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