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Nutrition, Weight Management and Fitness Lecture West LA Community College Online Chapter 8: Nutrition: Eating for Optimum Health Name the 6 types of nutrients: 1)_CHO_________2)_PRO_________3)_FAT_________4)_____WATER______5)_ _VITAMINS_________6)_MINERALS___________ How would you define a calorie (kcal) in simple terms? _ENERGY____________  Nutrients that provide kcals: CHO _4__kcal/g, Pro_4__kcal/g, Fat_9__kcal/g, (ETOH_7_kcal/g)  Latest kcal Guidelines, 2004: CHO__45-65______% Pro_10-35_______ % Fat__20-35______% (Note: these new values differ from your textbook values) Food Guide Pyramid Recommendations: Grains: __6-11_____ Vegetables: __3-5______ Fruit: __2-4_______ Milk/Yogurt/Cheese: ___2-3______ Meat/Eggs/Dry beans/Nuts: __2-3____ Fats, Oils, Sweets: _____use sparingly_________ CHO  Simple sugars & Complex CHO o Monosaccharides: _fructose__________ & glucose_____________ & __________galactose__ o Disaccharides: _sucrose___________ (or “table sugar”)= fructose + glucose _lactose___________ (or “milk sugar”) = galactose + glucose __maltose___________(or “malt sugar”) = made from starch o Polysaccharides: _starch_______ & _fiber also glycogen_______ *All sugars are eventually broken down and converted to glucose_________ to provide energy for the cells. When sugar is stored in the muscles (& liver) for energy it becomes ___glycogen__________ and when it is needed for activity is once again broken down into ___glucose_______, the most common form of simple sugar. PRO NOT APPLIED TO CHILDREN  General Recommendations PER DAY: _0.8(AGES 18 AND OVER)g/kg women and men. Athletes: 1.0 g/kg with a maximum of 1.8 g/kg. Athletes need a little more protein. FAT  Most common form of fat circulating in blood that makes up 95% of fat in the body: _____Triglycerides(TG)_________.  Cholesterol: ONLY COMES FROM ANIMAL PRODUCTS. o Cholesterol Transporters: “Good Cholesterol” = __HDL______ “Bad Cholesterol” = __LDL______ o How are lipoproteins impacted by exercise?? RAISES HDL AND LOWER LDL CHOLESTEROL  Saturated: SOLID AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. ALL OF THE HYDROGEN BONDINGS ARE FILLED UP. ______EXAMPLE. SOLID BUTTER. ____________________________
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