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Computer Science
CS 008

computer that has twoway access to other computers HostReceives requestsReplies to requests The reference to the intangible nonphysical Cyberspace territory that the Internet encompasses The main highspeed routes through which Internet backbone data travels Ability to work with different brands and Interoperabilitymodels of computers Suite of protocols which supply the standard methods of packaging and TCPIP transmitting information on the internet are responsible for interoperability TCP Transmission Control Manages assembling of a message or file into smaller packets Protocol Handles the address part of each packet so IP Internet Protocol that it gets to the right destination Public location that provides Internet access Hot spot for wireless devices Most common highspeed DSL and Cable options What is the slowest and Dialup cheapest option What is the fastest and Fiberoptic service cheapest optionMost common internet serviceNo one owns it World Wide Web Document that may include text graphics Web page sound animation and video Program that displays Web pages and linked Web browser items Collection of Web pages Web site
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