HIST 010 Study Guide - Summer 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes - City, Caesar'S Civil War, Battle

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3: mycenae, pylos, dark age, archaic age, phoenicians. Little to no natural resources produce little food. Necessary to take on trade with outside world. 3 things the greeks had that others wanted (***3 main staples for trade!: olive oil, wine (napa valley, pottery. This allowed them to make money and get the things they needed (esp. food) Close to large number of civilizations for trade: hittite empire, mesopotamia, egypt, middle east. Didn"t have to develop a system of writing or wheels (it had already been established) Greeks were fortunate; they were able to trade and learn from these advanced places and were far enough to not be taken over/attacked/invaded by empires in the east. Were able to develop a unique/independent civilization by their environment! They were not greek (did not speak, have culture, nor religion) Based on their prosperity/power/survival on trade with the outside world. Exchange with mesopotamians, as far to india, etc.

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