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Physics and Energy Science
Course Code
PES 2130
Study Guide

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PES 2130 Exam 2/page 1
PES 2130 - Physics 3
Exam 2
Name:_______SOLUTIONS __________________ Score: / 100
Time allowed for this is exam is 1 hours 15 minutes
10 written problems
For written problems:
Write all answers in the spaces provided. An extra sheet is included at the back if you
need more space for your calculations. Answers to questions involving calculations
should be evaluated to appropriate significant figures and given in decimal form.
Despite an incorrect final result on written problems, credit may be obtained for method
and working, provided these are clearly and legibly set out.
Only required equipment may be placed on the desk.
No talking permitted.
No questions. If you are unsure of what is being asked, take your best guess and
state your reasoning.
Cell phones must be turned off.
This Question/Answer booklet
Supplied Equation sheet (needs to be turned in with Question/Answer booklet)
Pens, pencil, eraser, ruler, water bottle
Graphing or scientific calculator (cell phones may not be used as a calculator)

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PES 2130 Exam 2/page 2
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PES 2130 Exam 2/page 3
Question 1 (10 points)
A sinusoidal wave on a string has maximum displacement 2.0 cm, a wavelength of 1.2 m
and an angular frequency of 6.2 Hz. At time t = 0 and position x = 0, the string has
maximum displacement.
a) [6 points] Find a possible equation for this wave.
A = 2.0 cm = 0.020 m
λ = 1.2 m
ω = 6.2 rad Hz
k = 2π/ λ = 2π/ 1.2 = 5.2 m-1 (2 points)
Maximum displacement for (x,t) = (0,0) cosine function
y(x,t) = 0.020 cos( 5.2x 6.2t) -0.5 points sig figs
1 1 1 1
b) [4 points] Sketch the string’s displacement as a function of position for time t = 0.
Label all important points including wavelength.
Axes labeled (1)
Distances marked (1)
Wavelength correct (1)
Max at x = 0 (1)
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