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Understanding the Process of Communication (Ch 1) • Transactional communication requires: o Establishing immediacy with audience (creating a feeling of closeness)  Can be established with content, language and delivery • We cannot NOT communicate – “Every behavior is a kind of communication” (Wilson from Castaway) • Pervasiveness – communication takes place wherever humans are together because people tend to look for meaning, even when a message is not deliberately sent • Communication is amoral – it is ethically neutral, but the people engaged provide/take away the morality of it • Maslow’s hierarchy can be applied to need to communicate • Aristotle wrote about the three appeals: o Logos – logical appeals; “listen to my message because it makes sense”  Be well organized  Use credible evidence  Clearly present evidence  Maintain consistency by using sound arguments o Pathos – emotional appeals; “listen to my message because of the feeling it evokes”  Provide specific examples and stories  Tell your receivers why they should care about your message o Ethos – credibility; “listen to my message because I am competent, trustworthy, and well-intentioned”  Describe your expertise in the topic  Clearly cite the qualifications of your sources  Present your message in an honest and trustworthy fashion  Present your message in a prepared, organized manner  Adopt a caring attitude toward those receiving your message • Transactional communication involves: o Asimultaneous exchange of messages o Asystem of interdependent components • Communication components: o SMCRE  Useful in studying the elements that make up the process of human communication  Ha
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