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1 Dec 2016

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Android: store fat in abdominal region (can go into shoulders, neck, and upper chest area. Gynoid: fat at hip and thigh regions and buttocks. (less prone to obesity related conditions: definition: adults and children. Children (2-19 years old) overweight bmi: 85th-94th percentile. Obese bmi: > 95th percentile: trends in adults and children: rankings of ethnicities and ages at most risk, socioeconomic status. Adult statistics: blacks > latino > whites > asian, middle aged adult > elderly > young adults, women with higher incomes have reduced risk of obesity, if trends in obesity rates from 1990-2008 continue by 2030, 51% of us population will be obese: obesity and overweight are the second leading cause of death in the us after tobacco. Adults: genetics and disorders, behavior and lifestyle, environment, smoking cessation, personal biology, psychosocial and psychosomatic. Mental health (shame, self-blame, low self-esteem, depression)