REL 2300 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Filial Piety, Geomancy, Confucianism

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15 Nov 2016
Exam 3 Review
1. Listings
a. What is the Dao to Daoism: the unnamable, the eternally real
i. Experiencing unity and recognizing opposites to bring them together
ii. Ma’s eperiee ith ature
iii. Natural flow of life (Wu-Wei)
iv. Passive vs. active: unlearn what civilization has done to us
v. Reeptie s. aggressie: those ho represet Dhara do’t use
b. What is not the Dao to Daoism
i. Society is a negative impact on life
ii. We need to detach to end suffering
c. Daoist Intermediaries
i. Dao in nature
1. Woods, rivers, animals, mountains
ii. Ancestors
1. Worship
2. Spirit of the deceased remain a close relationship with those still
iii. Immortals
1. Connected to spiritual energy
d. Confucianist Intermediaries
i. Royal ancestors for moral cultivation in society
ii. Family: elders for moral cultivation
1. Need for genealogies in ancestor veneration
2. Three grades of filial piety
a. Support parents
b. Do’t rig huiliatio to parets or aestors
c. glorify
iii. Idiidual as ole perso
1. Forming one body with all things
2. Becoming a more humane person, transforming oneself as well as
e. The Five Relations Confucianism
i. Ruler to Subject: Benevolence in rulers and loyalty in subjects
ii. Father to Son: Kindness in the father and filial piety in the son
iii. Elder Brother to Younger Brother: Gentility in the older brother and
respect in the younger
iv. Husband to Wife: Righteous behavior in the husband and obedience in
the wife
v. Friend to Friend: Humane consideration in the older friend and
deference in the younger friend; participants are equal to one another
vi. The first is considered superior to the second
vii. Each relationship is based on distinct obligations and responsibilities
2. Key Terms
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