REL 2300 Study Guide - Final Guide: Baal Shem Tov, Patron Saint, Sannyasa

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8 Dec 2016
1.“Proofs” in myth:
- mountains and valley
- animals and trees that stayed up till the end
- women have kids
- the sun
- Cherokee Origin Tale = sounds like, looks like, to this day.
2. Examples of Tao to Taoism:
- How Tao is essentially nature and how if you walk into nature, you can
receive enlightenment instead of talking to a physical power
1) "Social Way" (mandate of heaven lived out in the Nobility)
2) Heavenly model for society
3) Tao in nature (you don't need an intermediary when you have nature)
3. The Stages of life in Hinduism: (Laws of Manu)
1) Student (1-35/whole life. Being taught by Guru: spiritual teacher)
2) Householder (marriage & family. Expected to marry, raise a family, and
contribute productively to society)
3) Retirement (grandchildren & gray. Starting to detach himself from worldly
pursuits and to turn to meditation and scriptural study))
4) Renunciation (self-exile. Be able to withdrawn completely from society
and become a sannyasin)
4. Sacred places to Hinduism:
+ Natural setting
+ Convergence of rivers (2 is sacred, 3 is most sacred)
+ Groves as temples
+ Mountains (height = closer to heaven. Difficult to climb = test of faith.
Secluded = not profaned. Empty = solitude for meditation)
5. Intermediaries to Judaism:
+ ANCESTORS: Abraham & chosen people status (269, 319)
+ PROPHETS: Moses & the Torah (10 commandments)
Baal Shem Tov (Master of the Good Name): personal encounter w/God = ecstasy.
pantheism = God found in al creation
6. Days of creation in Genesis:
1) Day and night
2) Sky and sea
3) Land and vegetation
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