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REL 2300 Midterm: relexam2

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REL 2300

Hinduism Sacred Hindu texts: Veda shruti and Vedas shruti Breath of the eternal as heard by the ancient sages or rishis Large body of literature in Sanskrit Oral tradition, BrahmansVedic Aryans Written 1000 years after composition, was seen as polluting Dharma sutras= shruti 1500500 BCE Four parts to Veda: Rig veda (hymns, the myth of the cosmic man) Brahmans (directions for ritual sacrifice) Aranyakas (forest treatises) Upanishads (renunciation, systematized philosophy that one could break free from the cycle of reincarnation aka caste system, threatens the powerful) The goal for hindu renouncers is to be liberated from the cycle of rebirth instead of fulfilling their dharma in hopes of a better rebirth Dharma tied directly to varna (caste) system Top to bottom: Gods Bhramin, Kshatryia, Vaishya, Sudra,Untouchables Widowed women are made outcasts dead to society Foundational ideas of renouncers: Samsara beings are reincarnatedreborn into the world of suffering over and over again Moksha liberation from samsara Karma law of cause and effect that governs reincarnation Jnana spiritual knowledge that can lead to liberation from cyclic existence Asceticism renunciation of pleasure; aka fasting, celibacy, poverty, seclusion, selfmortification The ASHRAMA or lifestages model for brahmin males (outlined in the Laws of Manu authoritative albeit inspired texts in Vedic societies) Celibate student Householder fulfill duties to householdfamily, objectives are wealth Hermit or forest dweller start the path to renunciation Renouncer Vedic philosophies: The cause of samsara is ignorance of the true Self or Atman In vedic philosophies ethics are central to orderly social life Samkhya dualistic; purusha (true Self) vs. Prakriti (the cause of the material universe) Advaita Vedanta monistic; one reality and one substance of which all life is a part; atman and Brahman (the unknowable, unseen, allpervading reality) are one; confusion caused by maya (power by which the Absolute veils itself) Kali baaba youtube
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