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REL 2300 Final: relfinal

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REL 2300

Islam (There is no god but God) Before Islam Hagar egyptian slave, concubine to Abraham, and her son, Ismaiil put out into the desert valley of Mecca Abraham and Ismail build the Kabah the holiest sanctuary in Islam Mecca was a trade post where the Kabah was populated by many deities (before the Prophet) including statues of Jesus and Mary The Prophet before Islam Born to Quraysh tribe 570 CE Family respected in the merchant culture of Mecca with close ties to the Kabah Grew up in poverty, orphaned Married Khadijah, a wealthy tradeswoman The revelation of the Quran begins (ninth month of the year) when the Prophet is 40 yrs old (c610 CE) Ramadan begins with Hilal (the crescent)l Laylat alKadr the night of power most holy night of the year; ends with Eid alFitr festivity of breaking the fast fasting is from dawn to sundown Suhoor predawn meal Iftar evening meal Angel Gabriel took a humanlike form and commanded the Prophet to recite Mecca Revelations continue The One God who speaks, calling people to Islam (complete, trusting surrender to God) First converts: Khadijah, Ali (cousin), Abu Bakr (friend), Zayd (loyal freed slave) Begins teaching publicly after three years Persecutions begin Muezzin the one who calls the people to prayer from a high place The first one is the Abyssinian slave Bilal Story illustrates the Prophets disregard for racial and class distinctions The Night of Ascension AlMedina Hijrah migration, 622 CE from Mecca to Medina, inaugurates The Muslim Era, marks change from persecution to appreciation of the Prophets message Muhammads authority is established, long tradition of Islamic social administration begins War between Mecca and Medina, Muhammad and Medina win and Mecca is brought to conversion purification of the Kabah Northern Africa and Persia campaign for unification of the global family under God brotherhood Death of muhammad
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