ANTHRO 133F Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Tampopo, Bourgeoisie, Eurocentrism

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24 Oct 2016

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Global system of trade, colonies / slave production: essential factors in the rise of the west. Extensification: more people become familiar w/ something, new ritual meanings, spread of sugar from elite to mass (sugar in tea) Intensification: emulation, copying the meaning that sugar had for elites and using it (a cake fit for a king) Socializing the next generation to certain kinds of taste: Sugar essential to capitalism > positively effected energy and productivity. Easy to take preserved goods and take home > cheap and easy to make. Few negative associations w/ sugar > associated w/ upper classes and rarity. Children are taught to crave and like sugar. A bias in the views towards globalization depending on the individual. Most other parts of the world have only experienced a continuation of. The different opinions of european powers influence over globalization. 15th c. globalization and its large impact across the world (indian ocean)

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