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CHEM XL-14A Quiz 3Exam

Chemistry and Biochemistry
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TA: Robert
Section: 1E
Quiz #3
1. For the FT-IR of benzil, there is splitting at approximately 1660 cm-1, why? (4pts)
2. Benzoin is oxidized in a phase transfer catalysis (PTC) reaction with bleach to form
benzil. What is the catalyst used in today’s PTC reaction? (2pts) Draw the reaction
scheme showing the starting material and product. (4pts) No mechanism is
necessary because it is unknown.
3. Why the reaction called phase transfer catalysis? What are the phases? (4pts)
4. What physical property determines which liquid layer will be on top during the
extraction? (2pts)
5. In today’s column chromatography, what is the stationary medium? (2pts) Explain
briefly the proper procedure for packing your pipette column. (2pts)
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