ETHNOMUS 5 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Guide: Naftali Herz Imber, Dunun, Qin Dynasty

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29 Nov 2016

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West african music = repetition it varies, building up energy. Afrobeat-> suffering and happiness = response conversational elements (in trad and pop music) leader sings: men chorus. The yourba = south eastern nigeria: yourba as a unifying identity emerged in the late 19th cen early 20th century, tribe us ethno-linguistic group . A number of pre-colonial kingdoms subsumed under designation yourba(oyo, ijebu, egba, ekiti,ondo) Many dialects of yourba language but oyo yourba is known as standard. Yourba cosmology-> ara (body) and ori (head density alure essence) yourba dialect (chosen by christian missionaries: orun (sky, heavens, aiye (world, olorum, oludumnre oluwa= names for gods, mostly oral tradition for music. Dundun- hourglass- shaped pressure drum: talking drum -played with a stick". Nogoma- traditional/indegenous dance ord drumming in east africa: used by azmaris- who play and sing at the same time, karr, kebero=double-headed, conical hand drum used in the traditional music of eritrea,

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