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LIFESCI 3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Prokaryote, Nucleophile, Lac OperonExam

Life Sciences
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LS3 MIDTERM I Practice Exam
(10 pts) 1. In Griffith’s transformation experiment, he heat killed the S strain, mixed it with a
small number of R strain cells and injected a mouse (please answer the following with
one or two words).
a) What happened to the mouse?
b) What type of cell was isolated from the mouse’s lungs?
c) If Griffith had heat killed the R strain and mixed it with a small amount of S strain
cells, what would you predict would happen to the mouse?
d) What type of cells would you expect to find in the mouse’s lungs?
e) If this second experiment were done in vitro (in a test tube), and the cells plated on
media, what types of colonies might you expect to find?
(12 pts) 2. Amino acids form the building blocks for proteins.
a) Using the one letter code, name the acidic amino acids.
b) What is unique about proline with regards to the C! carbon?
c) What is unique about glycine with regards to the C! carbon?
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