MATH 32B Study Guide - Winter 2019, Comprehensive Midterm Notes - Vector Field, Unit Vector, Unit Circle

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Published on 14 Feb 2019

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Math 32b scalarofvectorfield-definition-r. ae#afiel is a function f : u r where. U e rn: g . fix , y i tan - i (e) It , (cid:15482) function f : u rn a. Definition : a vectored is where u e r " ear . Domain = { coc , y ) # co. , y , z ) =l fix , yet , egc , y , z ) , fix , y , z i ) is the th j component of f- Definition : the magynitu. de length ) of f is. Tf 5 in 3d is a vector field of magnitude i in same direction as e- gc , y , z > vector. Find 1 if i i or then g- = t ye , . is a unit vector m the direction of. Tf gc , y , z i a is f smooth scalar. I find tf floc , y ) = field.

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