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Political Science
Tim Groseclose

PS 171C Week Five – Thursday Midterm Review Lecture  Which speaker had a coup waged against him in the early 1900s? o “Uncle Joe” Joe Cannon  Who is the current Democratic leader of the House? o Nancy Pelosi  True or false When PJ O Rourke shadowed a house member and watched the House member meet with a group of firemen, O Rourke suspected that many of the firemen had contributed to the House member’s campaing. o False  Currently, in the US House in the yeas and nays must be recorded if x percent of the chamber desires it? o 20  US politician responsible for Contract with America o Newt Gingrich  In 19997… o A- change in the House rules  Which Founding Father wrote a manual of rules that the house still uses? o Jefferson  Divide dollar game? o Median voter has no bearing. Not single dimensional  Suppose that the vote for a Speaker is as follows: 205 for Mr. A, 206 for Ms. B, and 26 for Ms. C. You are the clerk of the House. After you see this result, what do you announce to the House? Ie what if anything is the next order of business? o No majority is present. Keep voting until there is a majority  What is a sunset provision? o Any piece of legislation that says the bill terminates/becomes invalid on a certain date  Give evidence that the committee assignment process is inconsistent with the strong party theory. o Minority members gets seats on committee, almost proportional to the makeup of Congress  Suppose as a member of the 30th CA House district, you decide that you want Henry Waxman to be removed from office before the next election. What are the rules, if any, by which this can be done? o House votes to expel member with 2/3 support(after investigation by Ethics Committee)  Suppose a group of three people must choose between 64 restaurants. How do Groseclose and Milyo suggest they should choose a restaurant? o 1st person chooses (64)^(2/3) = 16 restaurants. 2nd person chooses (64)^(1/3)= 4 restaurants. 3rd person chooses 1 restaurant.  During the 108th Congress Sen. John McCain favored a bill to establish a commission to regulate profession boxing. This issue passed the Senate, but the House refused even to consider the issue. What did McCain do in response to try to pass his issue? o He used the rider tactic, i.e.
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