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University of California - Los Angeles
Political Science
Leslie Johns

Pareto Frontier:  Zero sum game  Actors cooperate to get closer to the Pareto frontier  Once on the frontier, it is bargaining, not cooperation Realist justification for war  States have a security dilemma, where all states are threats  If other states get more powerful, then they have to attack them to maintain balance  Each state is self-interested, and the international systems are not viable options to keeping nations in check Bargaining model of war explanations  Commitment problems: first strike advantage  Incomplete information: faulty information  Indivisible goods: too much value such as Jerusalem  A way to fix incomplete information is to have international institutions that cause nations to be more transparent regarding their capabilities and motivations Domestic explanations for war  The fact that national interests and interest groups can shape policy  Iraq was a big source of oil for the United States  The United States protects its nationalists’ interests, such as big oil  We invaded Iraq partly because it would give the united states an advantage economically, and if we didn’t interject then other nations would capitalize Changes in alliance politics  Before world war 1, the whole world was divided into 2 c
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