Ethno 45 Final Study Guide Spring 2014

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Jared Wong

SongsPyar Kiya To Darna KiyaI have lover so what there to be afraid of Mughal E Azam 1960director K Asifscoring by naushadactress Madhubala Anarkaliactor Prithuraj Anarkali singing in court courtesan triplesung by lata mangeshkarBhanwara Bada Nadan Re The Bumble bee is very naive 1962Sung by Asha Bhoslemovie is Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam Master Mistress and slave 1962music director is hemant kumar the bibi the wife is writing a poem that makes fun of the slave and the slave hears it and is insulted by itdupleChaudhvin Ka Chand Ho you are the fourteenth day of the moon 1960sung by mohd rafifrom the movie Chaudhvin Ka Chand music director is Raviman creepin on sleeping girl the starts singing to her while still sleeping and then wakes up when he gets two feet from herthey are lovers romantic songmovie directed by guru dhuttheterophony in the beginingduplelove song Inhi Logon Ne these people 1972Pakeezah 1972 puritydirector kamal amrohiactors are meena kumari and ashok kumarduplelata mangeshkar singermusic direcotr gulam muhammed and naushafshes acourtesan dancerTBCKoi jab Tumhara Hriday Tod De when someone breaks your heart 1973singer is mukeshMovie is purab aur paschimeast and westmusic director is kalyanji anandiji love story between rural indian guy and westernized girl the girl considers the man a lower class person tripleMeet Na Mila Re Mann KaI havent found my soulmate1973 sung by kishore kumar
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