SOC GEN 5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: H. G. Wells, Germ Theory Of Disease, Gram-Negative Bacteria

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Hubris ego and con dence -- god like mentality. 1941, not su cient stock of pcn to treat a single patient. 1942, enough pcn available to treat fewer than 100 patients. Lecture 4 typhus and racism gram negative bacteria body lice fumigation mexicans went through bc of racism. Ab and ag antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral, anti parasitic, antiseptic feed. Ww2 less input, bigger pig once started consumer, began to expect. Ab resistant genes move transferred to pathogen government preserves antibiotics for medical treatment banned use for other than medical. Mrsa found in store bought pork prophylaxis non therapeutic uses of antibiotics. Lecture 6 biosocial phenomenon combination of social and biological biological entity that is shaped by social forces including racism, sexism, pollution, housing, poverty, war etc kills more than anything, middle and low income. Rst line / second line antibiotics short course chemotherapy biosocial problems and styles of analysis.

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