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University of California - Los Angeles
Jepson Mark

UCLA SOCIOL 1 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE find more resources at oneclass.com I. The Sociological Perspective A. Sociology as science 1. The problem of human variability: Sociologists use the scientific method like other scientists, but the phenomena that we study human beings pose special challenges to the researcher. Human behavior is not as predictable as atoms, comets, flowers, or rats. Hence, there are no laws of human behavior, as there are laws of physics, because human social patterns change and vary. Conducting controlled experiments in sociology is complicated by the complexity of human social behavior. The number of variables that a researcher has to control for make it difficult to compare groups across different settings. 2. The problem of human subjectivity: The other challenge is that when humans study humans, their findings can be biased by the researchers personal values and prejudices. There are ways of controlling bias, but no sociologist can be completely objective about their subject matter. Subjectivity can be an asset in research, since researchers share biology, psychology, and culture with their subjects, all of which help researchers to understand what their subjects are doing and thinking. The sociologist is as much an artist as a scientist, who (like all good scientists) must possess intuition, imagination and curiosity. B. Sociology is not common sense; seeing the forest from the trees 1. In American culture, the conventional wisdom is that behavior is caused by individual motivations and decisions, which is true but incomplete. a) the sociological perspective holds that individual decisions are bounded and constrained by social limits, or what Emile Durkheim called social facts. find more resources at oneclass.com
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