COMM 3100 Final: (ALL LECTURES) Course Review

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COMM 3100
Brenda Rourke

Chapter 1 Why Study Persuasion? Pervasiveness There are many influence attempts We will receive up to 400 persuasive appeals from marketers alone in a single day Persuasion is omnipresent (constantly encountered) Obvious and not so obvious forms of persuasion Buzz marketing generates free advertising Word of mouth (WOM) appears more genuine and authentic Less obvious or overt Harder to say no in person Easier to analyze, adapt to ones audience Social media enables the use of webtracking and sentiment tracking Why? History One of the oldest fields of study in communications Aristotle Ethos (appeals to ethics) Logos (appeals to logic) Pathos (appeals to emotion) Rhetoric Analysing and dissecting arguments Looking at target audiences Studying sequence of argument Persuasion is an art and a science People can be stubborn and unpredictable Even the most wellfunded, welldesigned persuasive campaigns may fail Sciences Scientists are actively involved in persuasion Over theories and paradigms Over methodologies and research findings Over grants and funding Arts Artists seek to shape public opinion in and through their work Picassos Guernica (1937) offers a moral indictment of war Movies can change attitudes, alter beliefs, increase awareness Easy to misuse eg. Hustlers, corrupt politicians Persuasion is sometimes associated with manipulation, brainwashing, and deceit Nonobvious or accidental influences:social modelling of risk behaviors in movies
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