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Jeffrey Hoelle

Discussion Section Review before Concepts Exam! Structure and Agency • Structure: Forces that are beyond individual control, that influence behaviors and predetermine certain outcomes/available choices (blueprint of the culture!?) ◦ Ex: laws, such as speed limit or carpool lane • Agency: free will, the ability to act in the face of environmental, social, cultural, and political structures (behavior that comes out of this structure/blueprint) ◦ Ex: carpool lane • Other examples of structure vs agency ◦ Structure: Sitting rules ▪ Agency: where you sit ◦ Structure: pay attention ▪ Agency: we could not pay attention or jerk around on our computer ◦ Structure: acting professionally towards the teacher • You won’t have to explicitly define these, but they will be relevant to everything! For example, in a ghost town where everyone drops dead but leaves behind everything it it’s place, you’re given the structure and have to determine the agency • Culture is always changing! Aka the structures are changing this! • Music raises awareness of the structures (ex:rap enculturated people to learn/think about those in the ghetto), and search to make a change in social/political issues • Conspicuous consumption: we consume things very visibly in order to display (ex: clothes, Apple computers, etc.) Function, Meaning, &
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